Suffice it to say, these are remarkable phones and they have pushed Apple right back to the peak of the smartphone industry. They couldn’t have come at a better time.


Here are some of the new features:


1: They are made of good materials 
2: They are water resistant 
3: They come with improved cameras 
4: Battery life is better and longer
5: Better display than almost any other phone
6: Taptic motor feedback is neat 


Interestingly, the new dual camera of the iPhone 7 Plus will not be shipping at launch. Apple is banking on iMessage and Siri in iOS apps 10, but so far, that bet is yet to pay off. The thing is that their apps are not yet updated to the Taptic engine, neither are they updated for use with the new wide color gamut display.


The fact is that the wholenetwork of the new headphones plus the adapters that are needed for the Lightning and wireless audio is not available yet. Only Apple or Beats headphones have the best wireless audio experience but there’s no guaranty that you would enjoythe sound or of it would be the right fit. Apple’s chip team has been working round the clock so hopefully, the A11 should help sustain apple as thelead.



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iPhones have made

iPhones have made an unforgettable mark since the first one was launched in 2007. It is an established fact that iPhones are not cheap run-of-the-mills phones that you can just buy anytime. They are quite costly but worth every last penny.

The truth

The truth is that many people would rather repair their iPhones when faulty or damaged rather than buy a new one.It's really not impossible to fix your iPhone and repairing it would most likely cost less than buying a new one in most cases.

iPhone problems

Most iPhone problems can be fixed be it ashatteredscreen or headphone jack issues or a dock connector or cable issues. An average person who uses an iPhone has must have had hardware problem with their phone at one time or the other.So taking your iPhone to the Apple Store for a repair or replacement will always be an option but fixing it yourself is also an option.

iPhone repair

There are iPhone repair kits online that can help you fix your iPhone by yourself, so you can order your repair kit based on the parts of your phone that needs repair.DIY Repairs is actually more fun and economical than going to anApple service center. You just have to make sure you pick the right repair kit that matches your phone exactly.


LCD Screen: The easiest part of the iPhone to get spoilt is usually the screen. Since there are now more touchscreen phones in the market than other types, an average user now has to worry screen damage. Recent iPhones now come fitted with very strong glass that is highly sturdy and not soeasily damaged. It does not mean that they don't get damaged at all. It just means the level of damage may not be as bad as with previous screen types.


Replacement Battery: the iPhone batteries are high-quality battery and they don't usually have issues. If they do give your problems, you can easily order a replacement battery that matches your specific type of iPhone. The battery replacement kitcomes with the tools needed to change the battery as well as the battery adhesive strips. Sometimes, the kit does not have battery adhesive strips Replacing cameras is a quite delicate thing so you


Please find below some iPhone replacement parts that are available for sale online:For instance, this glass crumbles on impact rather than splintering, which makes it safer than the regular glass. Getting an LCD screen replacement kit that matches your phone type will help you fix your phone at home. which means you may need to order them separately may need to consider getting a magnifier to do it. Be sure to get other necessary.


Camera and Sensor cable: If your iPhone falls at any weird angles, it may affect some parts, like shattering your front or rear camera. Front camera replacements kits usually include a secondary microphone; ambient light and proximity sensors while rear cameras can be with a high-quality replacement kit tools to open the screws, repair the camera and sensors, etc.You will have to order these tools separately because they may not included in the kit.


Customers feedback

For those using the iPhone 7, you may likely be disappointed because it feels like a slight different version or redesign of iPhone 6 but don't be too worried. Apple is working on better upgrade and a newer version that will likely blow your mind. The iPhone 7 and & Plus may have their issues but they are still 2 of Apple's best products. Besides, They are good enough to push Apple right back to the peak of the industry.



What's important is that you should read the reviews and make sure you get your desired specifications before you pay for your iPhone.pentalobe 5-point screwdriver, Philips #000 screwdriver, ESD safe tweezers, plastic opening tool and small suction cup.

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Replacing iPhone parts can be frustrating and if you don't really know what you are doing, it can be a waste of time and resources. With that in mind, make sure you purchasethe replacement kits that have least one-year warranty. If you are serious about fixing your iPhone at home, you should get the right tools needed to uncouple and couple an iPhone such as a spudger,

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